Goodyear Welted | Made In England | Direct-To-Consumer


Founded in 2016, Dapper Tiq 'dap-per' 't'eek' is a British born brand specializing in traditional British handcrafted men’s dress shoes. A men's footwear brand devoted to quality and heritage.

Men's Shoe Styles

Men have so much choice when it comes down to different men's shoe styles. The different styles of men's shoes include: Oxfords or Cap-toe Balmoral shoes, Loafers or Slip-on Loafer shoes, Brogues or Wing Tips or Long Wing Tip shoes, Derby shoes, Monk Strap or Double Monk Strap shoes, Driving shoes, Boat shoes, Sandals and Slippers. Depending on your climate you'll need to invest in proper footwear for summer, spring or winter.

Shoe Construction Types

It's sometimes hard to tell the type of shoe construction method used on your pair of shoes. Many cheap cemented shoes can have faux stitching on the welt to replicate proper welted shoes. The most common shoe construction types are Goodyear welted, Blake stitched, Veldtschoen and Cemented. At Dapper Tiq we decided to choose one of the most superior men's shoe construction types: Goodyear welted.

A Unique Direct-To-Consumer Model

No Mass Production. No middleman. No luxury markup. No expensive retail price.

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