The Occasion

Workplace, casual days or important events? Whatever the occasion, we have a style to match.

Style, Size & Colour

Select the style from our collection, your US men's dress shoe size and desired colour.

Pre-order Model

We've redefined quality men's shoe standards without the luxury markup. We only manufacture limited quantities. Zero waste on expensive raw materials and no mass production.

NO ✗ to inventory, luxury or brand markups, retail space or marketing costs added to our final retail price
YES ✓ to quality and passing on the savings to you

Handcrafted Production

Our shoes are handcrafted at a family owned factory in England. There are over 200 individual processes from start to finish. Manufacturing takes approximately three months. Quality craftsmanship takes time, trust us, it's definitely worth the wait.

Unbox, Break-in, Style, Care

Once your shoes are ready for dispatch, you will receive an email with the tracking details.

It takes around three to four weeks to break in a pair of Goodyear welted shoes. During this stage, the cork filling moulds to the shape of your foot. Be sure to rotate between shoes, use shoe trees and keep the leather nourished or clean.

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